Bustos to Schilling: ‘Push Party Loyalty Aside and Fight for Illinois Economy’

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Today, Cheri Bustos, candidate for Congress in Illinois 17th Congressional District called on incumbent Congressman Bobby Schilling to stand up to his Republican colleague in the House of Representatives, Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia, who is the sole reason why the sale of the Thomson Correctional Center continues to hang in the balance.

“We’re talking about 1,100 jobs, plus more jobs in the service and construction industries,” Cheri Bustos said.  “With an issue this important to the economy of our region incumbent Congressman Schilling needs to push party loyalty aside, stop making excuses and stand up for Illinois.”

As mentioned in an editorial this morning: “For more than a year, one person has held up the sale of Thomson Correctional Center to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons…Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., who probably couldn't find tiny Thomson, Ill., on a map. As chairman of a House subcommittee that oversees prison spending, he's refusing to sign the paperwork to free up the funds for the sale.” (Chicago Tribune, July 16, 2012)

The editorial also criticized Schilling and his Republican colleagues from Illinois for “making excuses for their failure to move the recalcitrant Wolf,” citing a letter they recently sent to Gov. Quinn asking him to lower the asking price for the prison. And, concluding that “apparently it's easier to try to strong-arm Illinois into taking a big hit on the sale than to confront your hard-headed colleague from Virginia.”

“I’m running for Congress because Washington is broken and the 17th Congressional District deserves better representation,” Bustos said.  “We need leadership that reflects our values, places job creation ahead of politics, and is committed to protecting the future for all Americans-young and old.”

Cheri Bustos is a working mother with three grown sons and is married to a captain with the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department. Bustos is running to fix Washington’s priorities to responsibly cut spending and ensure that middle class families and good jobs come first.