Card Grading Company in Bettendorf Leaves Sports Fans Empty Handed

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Aledo Times Record

The Better Business Bureau serving Greater Iowa, Quad Cities and Siouxland Region is issuing a consumer alert about Global Authority of Bettendorf, IA. According to the company's website, Global Authority offers "authentication and grading services for a wide spectrum of collectibles."

The BBB has closed 21 complaints against this company in the last year and has received over 100 inquiries. Global Authority has earned an F rating with the BBB due to failure to respond to complaints, many of which are considered serious in nature.

Consumer complaints primarily allege that after sending trading cards to the company for authentication and grading, Global Authority refuses to return the cards and consumers are unable to reach the company.

One disgruntled customer stated, "I sent them a 1954 wax pack of Bowman Football cards to be graded and encapsulated by them. They sent me confirmation that they received the item and would start the grading process. They did not bill my credit card, but they kept the pack, which is quite valuable. They would never return my calls or emails regarding this."

The BBB has made several unsuccessful attempts to reach out to the company both by phone and by mail.

The BBB understands that handing over one's collectibles can be risky business. Personal collections can be of value to their owner for both monetary and sentimental reasons; therefore, the BBB offers the following advice when looking for a reputable authenticating service:

• If possible, look local. There is always an inherent risk in sending valuables through the mail.

• Look for companies with a good reputation in the industry. In the world of sports memorabilia, there are card graders that are known and respected throughout the hobby by the majority of serious collectors.

• Take appropriate measures before mailing your treasures. If you decide to do business with a company that requires you mail your goods, make sure you keep a detailed track of your inventory, insure the package and record your tracking number. Also, make sure your items are adequately covered under your homeowner's policy, should they not be returned.

Please contact the BBB if you feel you have been a victim of this company. As always, the BBB reminds you to start your search with Trust. Find trustworthy businesses and consumer advice at

About the BBB. The BBB is an unbiased non-profit organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business behavior. Businesses that earn BBB Accreditation contractually agree and adhere to the organization's high standards of ethical business behavior. The BBB of Greater Iowa, Quad Cities and Siouxland Region was founded in 1940 and is one of 116 BBBs. Locally, the BBB has over 3,000 Accredited Businesses and provides reports and on companies throughout the state. Contact the BBB at 1-800-BBB-1600 or