Dove announces retirement

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Aledo city Administrator Terry Dove has announced his retirement, effective October 2012. The specific date is contingent upon the hiring of an intern city administrator. Dove state, "I want to thank Mayor Breeden, the city council, my fellow employees and community members of their support and commitment during my tenure as city administrator and chief of police. It has been an honor to serve the City of Aledo." Dove further stated, "My wife and I recently sold our home in Aledo and have purchased our retirement house in Florida. With some pending family commitments and relocation issues, we feel it is time to make the move."

Dove began employment without he City of Aledo in 2010 as interim chief of police and was named city administrator/chief of police in May, 2011. In April, 2012 Mike Sponsler was named full-time police chief and Dove continued as city administrator. Dove served over 35 years in California and Illinois law enforcement before retiring in 2005. He worked as a contract investigator for California governmental agencies for four years prior to coming to Aledo in 2010.

Aledo Mayor Bill Breeden stated, "When Terry informed me of his decision we began a transition plan that will facilitate bringing in a qualified city administrator on an interim basis until the end of my term." Mayor Breeden h as been working with retired Rock Island City Manager John Phillips to assist in the process and will be interviewing candidates next week.