Blog: Jesus Had a wife?

Rev. John Thieryoung

Now it is “revealed” that there is an ancient piece of papyrus written in the Coptic or Egyptian language wherein Jesus speaks as having a wife! Could it be that The Da Vinci Code will be vindicated?

I write sarcastically of course. Remember the “Gospel of Judas” that was waved in front of Christians around Holy Week six years ago? “Scholars” claimed that the ancient papyrus document, badly damaged and hard to read, had Jesus speaking of Judas’ betrayal in a positive way. Turned out on further inspection it said no such thing and the claims of the “scholars” who publicized it were wrong. Of course little to no publicity was given to the discrediting of the claims.

The media’s attitude; If doubt can be cast on Jesus and Christian claims - so be it - no apologies as to whether the source is false or without merit.

There is no credibility to this latest discovery. If it is an authentic papyrus fragment, any self-respecting scholar knows its source is Gnostic or some other heretical group and written long after the New Testament. Gnostics were parasites to Christianity, trying to co-opt it for their wild speculations about hierarchies of beings and the soul. In other words, Gnosticism had no Christian basis other than attempts to claim their fictional “gospels” and other writings had apostolic sources even though they were written 100 years or later.

Christianity’s radical foundation - that God walked the earth as flesh and blood in a specific time and place- continues to cause indignation and be opposed. The Good News of the Gospel is treated as a deception rather than the source of truth and life in God.