Agricultural Summary

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The Illinois Weather and Crops report was released by the Illinois Department of Agriculture Oct. 9.

Agricultural Summary

Harvest continued last week across the state with a few delays due to light

rains across most of the state. An average of 5.1 days were suitable for

field work statewide last week. Temperatures averaged 53.0 degrees, 5.4

degrees below normal. Statewide precipitation averaged 0.83 inches, 0.09

inches above normal with heavier amounts being reported in the southern half

of the state. Topsoil moisture was rated at 17 percent very short, 33

percent short, 46 percent adequate, and 4 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture

levels were rated at 33 percent very short, 40 percent short, 26 percent

adequate and one percent surplus. Corn harvest is nearing completion with 80

complete at this time last year while the five 5-year average is 44 percent. Ninety-nine percent of the corn crop is now mature. Soybean harvest increased to 47 percent, compared to 39 percent at this time last year and the 5-year average of 42 percent. Soybeans dropping leaves increased to 97 percent last week, compared to 90 percent last year and the 5-year average of 88 percent. Farmers reported frost damage to soybeans late in the week. In other crops, the sorghum crop was 99 percent coloring, 94 percent mature, and 38 percent harvested. Thirty percent of the winter wheat crop has been planted and four percent has emerged. The third cutting of alfalfa is 96 percent complete. Pasture conditions were rated at 18 percent very poor, 23


percent of the crop now being harvested. Corn harvest was 44 percent

percent poor, 36 percent fair, 20

percent good, and 3 percent excellent.