Halloween Driver Safety Tips

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Aledo Police Department is concerned for the safety of our children on Halloween night. I want to remind all drivers to be very alert especially during the hours of 5pm-7pm. Sadly Halloween night is dangerous. While excited trick-or-treaters may forget the rules of the road and be oblivious to the hazards, we as motorists must be vigilant. And it is not just the children that concern us; two-thirds of all highway fatalities at Halloween are alcohol-related.

So please all drivers, stay alert, don't use your cell phone especially driving through the crowded neighborhoods, stay well below the speed limit, pay attention to small children on sidewalks and at busy intersections, do not assume children will see you and do not pass any stopped vehicles in the roadway since they may be stopped to drop children off. Let's all do our part to make this Halloween night a safe and fun evening.

For additional information contact J. Michael Sponsler, Chief of Police at (309) 582-2330