Schilling and Moffitt make stop in Aledo

Robert Blackford/Editor

U. S. Representative Bobby Schilling (Colona) and State Representative Don Moffitt (Gilson) made a campaign stop in Aledo Thursday morning at the Central Park there to rally supporters prior to the Nov. 6 election. About 50 people gathered to hear the pair speak and answer questions afterward.

Schilling noted, "We're trying to make a difference and move our country forward.

Schilling urged voters to "vote for a person, not a party. Our office seeks to help Democrats as well as Republicans.

From Aledo Schilling went to Oquawka to talk to voters there before traveling to Pekin and Peoria for rallies there on Friday. Schilling noted that regular meetings with constituents in smaller communities were the key to victory.

"I've went eight for eight in endorsements from Illinois newspapers," said Schilling. He noted the independency of newspapers likening it to the thoughts of independent voters.

Schilling said he wanted to push for reform of the corporate tax code during his next term in office. "We have the highest corporate tax code in the world."

Schilling noted the importance of a level playing field for American businesses to expand growth and new jobs for American workers.

Schilling added, "I'd like to see that $1.7 trillion back to the U.S. Deere and others folks can bring those jobs back."

Schilling said it was important for the people to know that he and Don (Moffitt) were a couple of regular guys. "I'm just a pizza guy. I'm not afraid to talk to anyone."

Schilling reiterated that he wasn't taking a pension or health care that was offered to him as a member of Congress. "That's not what the founders set up government for." Schilling remained adamant that when his time in Congress was through he would go back to the life left him.

Don Moffitt

While Moffitt was on hand Thursday he admitted it was Bobby's day. Moffitt recalled showing here at the Mercer County Fair when he was a young 4-Her from Gilson. Moffitt talked about visiting with a business owner during this trip and discussing a regulation that was hindering his business. "We'll see what we can do about it. That's what representative government is all about."

Moffitt said the fiscal condition of the state is what is on the plate rig now. "We've stopped digging ourselves deeper. It has to be a bipartisan effort. We designated $1.3 billion for deficit reduction. That's the first time we've done that. If we can keep paying down the deficient we can create and grow jobs."

Moffitt said the state has to look at pension reform "It has to be done with all the stakeholders at the table," said Moffitt. "Otherwise it will be tied up in the court system. It's not sustainable under the current plan. The teachers have put in what they were suppose to, the state hasn't. We have to work together on an agreement. "