Mercer County board will seat five new members

Robert Blackford

The Mercer County Board will seat five new members in December as a result of the Nov. 6 General Election. Four incumbents Floyd Utz, Ronald E. Fullerlove, Dave Maynard and county board chair (Henry) were unseated. The Democrats maintain control of the board by a 6-4 margin.

A total of 8,645 individuals cast ballots in the election out of the 12,020 registered voters or 71.92 percent.

District 1 will be represented by incumbent Jeff L. McWhorter, 787 votes, and George J. Howard, 684. Maxine Henry came in third with 577 votes.

District 2 will be represented by ncumbent Brian J. Anseeuw, 769, and Gary Gregg, 735. Incumbent Floyd R. Utz, 695, and Timothy L. Anderson, 642, came in third and fourth.

District 3 will have two new representatives in Larry Stone, 906 and Ted Pappas Jr., 791. Incumbents Ronald E. Fullerlove, 748, and David L. Maynard, 744, were voted out.

District 4 saw incumbent Fred Rooth earn 798 votes with Daniel Schroeder, 676, finishing second. Joe Vann, 640 and James R. Campbell, 627, placed third and fourth.

District 5 saw Bill Olson, 1,090, and John T. Haines, 790, reelected over Lee A. Celske, 744 and Robert Alden, 607.

States Attorney Gregory J. McHugh, 4,543 won reelection to office over Geoffrey P. Campbell, 3,664.

Coroner Ronald E. McNall, 5,408 won reelection over Rebecca Hanna, 2,841.  

Circuit Clerk Jeff Benson, 6,936, ran unopposed.

U.S. Representative Bobby Schilling pulled in more than 53 percent of the vote, 4,519 comported to Cheri Bustos, 3,947 in the 17h Congressional District race in Mercer County.

In Mercer County Donald L. Moffitt, 4,663, earned more than 57 percent of the vote compared to August "Gus" Junior, 3,501.

In the presidential race in Mercer County Barack Obama earned 52.60 percent of the vote, 4,503 compare to 45.25 percent, 3,874 which went to Mitt Romney.

In Mercer County the constitutional amendment earned 4,774 yes votes to 2,930 no votes.

The conceal carry question brought 6,376 yes votes, 78 percent to 1,789 no votes.