Several speaker grace large Chamber gathering

Robert Blackford/Editor
Mayor Bill Breeden addresses members of the Aledo Chamber of Commerce Tuesday afternoon.

More than 30 people showed up at the monthly Aledo Chamber of Commerce meeting held at the Aledo Fire Station. Several people were on hand to speak to the members of the Chamber.

First on tap was Aledo Mayor Bill Breeden. Breeden spoke briefly about the new water and sewer mains repair program the city will soon be implementing. Customers will have the opportunity to sign up for the cost of $8 for sewer and $4 for water. Breeden noted that it was a lot like insurance. Residents will have the choice on whether they want to participate or not.

Breeden spoke about the manhole repair program. "Some of these manholes are very old. Some still have water closets if you are old enough to remember what those are." There are 107 of the manholes that are very old and 19 have been completed of the 45 the city has commissioned.

Breeden said the city council was forced to concentrate its funding over the past year on several intersections that have to meet state specifications concurring their grade. Nine of the intersections had grades of greater than two percent.

Breeden noted that the city had done quite a bit to blacktop the alleys around town.

Breeden did say the clock would be moved from the middle of the street to a yet to be decided location in town.

Breeden noted that the RMA statue is being made right now. He also foresees an RMA Museum in Aledo at some point.

Breeden told the crowd that it didn't look like Buttonwood Trails would be open in February since there was no street yet.

Bill reminded the businessmen that the target for the city council is getting people to live in Aledo. "Forty percent of the 460 people who work at The Grind don't live in Aledo."