Identity Theft Prevention @ Sherrard Library

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

You hear about it on the news and you pray it never happens to you, Identity Theft seems to be all around us. Identity theft and fraud crimes are relatively low-risk crimes that can have high payoffs for perpetrators. Advances in technology have made personal information more accessible than ever, making it possible for criminals to profit from sophisticated schemes related to identity theft. These factors combined with limited police resources make it is easy to understand why identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in America and the reason the Sherrard Library will host Take Charge Illinois presented by the Consumer Affairs Division of the Illinois State Comptroller’s Office.

Education is critical to fighting identity theft. It’s time to empower ourselves as consumers to protect against identity theft and to minimize the damage it can cause. This presentation will aid the public on how to identify potential scams and frauds. You can learn how to protect and prepare yourself against identity theft. The presentation will also address concerns if you are already a victim.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, March 7; 6:30. This free presentation will equip the audience with information to generate awareness and encourage action among consumers that can minimize identity theft. The event will take place at 201 5th Ave, Sherrard in the public library meeting room; there is no cost to attend.