LaHood statement on 2013 ethics package

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

 State Sen. Darin LaHood (R-Dunlap) offered the following comments after the Illinois Senate Executive Subcommittee on Government Operations failed to approve a one-year “revolving door” ban on former legislators, transitioning into lobbyists.

“Today was an especially frustrating day and a major disappointment for ethics reform in Illinois. The federal government and 35 other states already have ‘revolving door’ prohibition in place. My bill simply put Illinois in line with these other states,” LaHood said. “The actions of this subcommittee say that 35 other states, numerous editorial boards and good government groups must be wrong when it comes to ‘revolving door’ prohibitions.”

Senator LaHood’s proposal was contained in Senate Bill 2263. The Senator also offered five other bills that were defeated by the committee.

SB 2260 - Requires lobbyists to file a written statement that describes the procedures that the lobbyist and lobbyist's client will follow if the lobbyist or client determines that the lobbyist's representation of the client might involve a conflict of interest;

SB 2261 - Provides that when a legislator chooses to take official action on a matter despite the existence of a conflict, they must notify members of the elected chamber about the conflict;

SB 2262 - Senate Executive Appointments Committee may ask the Attorney General for issue an advisory opinion concerning whether the person being appointed meets qualifications of the office to which they are being appointed;

SB 2264 - Provides that a person required to register under the Lobbyist Registration Act must include in their report a description of any business or familial relationship, or both, that the lobbyist has with a State Official;

SB 2265 - Provides that a person who must file a statement of economic interests must disclose the name of any immediate family member who is a registered lobbyist.