Blog: Lend Me Your Ear

Pastors Bob and Betty Moede

There's a miracle in the Bible that is not often listed in theist of miracles that Jesus did.

Right after Jesus was betrayed by Judas, Peter drew his sword and sliced off the ear of a slave of the High Priest Malchus. It's recorded in all the Gospels, but only partially. Luke is the only one that mentions the fact that Jesus restored the ear. "And Jesus answered and said, Suffer y e thus far and he touched h is ear and healed him." The other three Gospels only mention that the ear was cut off.

What is really intriguing about all this is the blindness of the accusers.

Jesus in the Garden with His Disciples, He's praying and in agony, knowing what was about to happen. The Disciples are sound asleep. A multitude of people appear carrying torches and clubs. After a betraying Kiss, Peter strikes out with his sword and cuts the slaves ear off. Jesus picks up the ear and restores it to its owner, there had to have been a moment of silence. A moment longer than any other. A moment with the multitude of people that a decision had to be made either to completely put out of their conscious the reason that they were there, or reevaluate their purpose for being in the garden The had come to arrest a Man who spoke with great authority, who forgives sin, and who says that He and the Father are One. Yet He heals someone who is against Him.

Jesus taught strange things like: Pray for your enemies, and love those that persecute you. At this moment He was really practicing what He preached! Why did they see it? It's hard to believe that sin can blind so many. But as we look around us, we see it every day. People stumble over God's creation and His provision, yet they look for understanding in every direction but God's direction.

We need to look to the cross, the empty tomb, and the restored ear. It's Salvation if you receive it. Eternal Death if you don't.