Court finds probable cause for perjury arising out of meth trial

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Cindy Lee Stewart faces three counts of perjury, a Class 3 felony The charges arise from her three day jury trial in June of 2011 for manufacturing methamphetamine. She was con cited after a jury trial and sentenced to six years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Steward was temporarily returned this month to Mercer County for the new case. A preliminary hearing was held when Detective Dusty Terrill testified that at the 2011 trial Stewart falsely testified about no recent contacts with her husband James K. stewart. Jail records in fact indicate multiple contacts. Judge Thomas Berglund found probable cause e for the perjury charge and set the case for trial.

Stewart is presumed innocent of all charges as the charge is merely an accusation.

State's Attorney Greg McHugh, who prosecuted the original case praised the efforts of the Mercer County Sheriff in its investigation. He noted, "Our court system becomes corrupted if people do not tell the truth."