Voters say "Yes" to schools, "No" to library

Robert Blackford

Mercer County voters made two clear statements at the polls Tuesday. They were in favor of the sales tax to benefit the local school district but against the Mercer Carnegie Library referendum.

The sales tax issue passed 2,353-1667 while the library question failed 881-658.

Several other issues were also decided:

Mercer County school board

Six people ran for four seats with Julie Wagner, 1,839; Donald Yates, 1,506; Tab Balmer Jr., 1,496 and Sue Frieden, 1,216, earning the seats. Frieden actually withdrew from the race shortly after the ballot came out. Current School Board president Douglas Ball, 1,197 and Michael DeFrieze,1,141 were not elected.

Sherrard Board of education

Six people where running for a four year term on the Sherrard Board of Education. The top four vote getters Charles Adams, 739; Dave DeBacker, 722; Leslie Anderson, 584 and Art Meyers , 580 were elected. Adams, Anderson and Meyers are all incumbents.

Janice I. Viernow, 521 and Chris Brewer, 423, failed in their election bids. Viernow is the current board secretary.

Four members ran for two unexpired two year terms on the Sherrard School Board. Eric Hutchins, 570 and Linda Koepke, 566, earned those two spots while Timothy Arbet, 458 and Bradley Boraas, 451, came up short. Arbet and Boraas were both incumbents and Arbet was the sitting board president.


Aledo city council member Chris Hagloch defeated former Aledo mayor C. WM. "Red" Stancliff 747-392 to become the next mayor of Aledo.

Jarod Dale ran unopposed for city clerk.

Sandy Bull defeated William Bill Stropes 731-398 in the race for city treasurer.

In Ward 1 Ila Bertrand ran unopposed.

In Ward 2 Thomas Watkins won election over Robert Maynard, 130-82.

In Ward 3 Barry Cooper ran unopposed.

In Ward 4 incumbent Terry Bewley held off Delane Holmes by three votes, 127-124.


In the race for mayor Allen Henshaw unseated Arnold Askew, 155-36.

Terry Gibson and Charles Reynolds ran unopposed for city clerk and city treasurer.

Alderman at Large: Kae Stevens, 142; Davina Logsdon, 105; and Janet Occhi, 98 were elected to the three open seats while Joshua Carle, 27, remained on the outside.

In Ward 1 David Hudson ran unopposed.

In Ward 2 Norbert Laubach, 36 earned more votes than Adaline Marlow, 22 and Nila Carle, 11.

New Boston

Christopher DeFrieze ran unopposed for mayor.

Mark A. Fourdyce, LuAnn Krengle, Douglas A. Ramer, Sr., Philip S. Franklin, Nick Abbadusky and Jeffrey Marston all ran unopposed for the office of alderman.


Dale Oberhaus ran unopposed for village president

Votes were received for the following individuals for trustee: Julie Van Fleet, 60; Janet Anderson, 53; Katie brown, 47 and Loren Zachmeyer, 27.


Todd Heath was elected village president in Joy, 79-53 over George O. Braucht.

Ernest Dillie, 76; Donald Wilken, 72; Dan Frieden, 69; and Joshua Stead, 64 were elected to four year terms as village trustee over Deanna Kernan, 39 and Dwayne Rogers, 26.

Audrey Bryant, 90 and Stephanie Leonard, 60 were elected to unexpired two year terms as trustee in Joy over James R. Campbell, 52 and Cindy Britton, 22.


Stephanie McMeeken was elected village president of Matherville while Anne Slavish was elected village treasurer. Both ran unopposed.

Anthony Osborne and James E. Shields were each elected to the village of Matherville's trustee position.


Robert Springer was elected village president of Seaton

Cyndee Stockham, 59; Jae Milewski , 44 and Eric Rudsell, 31 each were elected trustees of Seaton.


Delbert D. Henry ran unopposed for village president of the village of Sherrard.

Shawn M. Wyant, 100; Henry "Hank" Dryoel, 96; and Gary T. "Tom" Cameron, 76 were elected trustees of Sherrard, while Geraldine "Gerri:" Bristow, 62, was left out.


Kirk Doonan ran unopposed as the Village of Viola's mayor as did Marilyn Carrico as the village clerk.

Mike Nelson, 137; Jack Carrico, 118 and Connie Lindsay, 109 were elected trustees of the village board.

New Windsor

Michael won election as the village president of Windsor with 91 votes. There were 82 write-in votes.

Steve Kness, Dennis Loving and Linda Trout were all named village trustees.

North Henderson

Terry L.l Johnson, Steven E. Gregory, Brian Yung and Donald Adams each was elected township trustee in North Henderson.


Chris Bieri, 127; Dave Frieden, Sr., 111; Cheri Smith, 95 and David Munson, 60 were elected township trustees in Eliza Township, over Ron Maas, 45 and Mary Lou Howe, 38.

Mary Lou Howe, 64; Peg Cox, 120; and Ron Maas, 79; were named to the Board of Managers of Eliza Township.

Township Trustee for Mercer Township

Dan Lloyd, 915; Bob Vickrey, 765; Steven Bonynge, 721 and John R. O'Hearn, 627, were elected township trustees over Amanda Soseman, 530 and Stanley Swank, 510.

Township clerk for New Boston

Forrest L. Green was elected township clerk of New Boston Township 187-66 over Liz Zimmerman, 66.

Township Trustee New Boston Township

Donald Russell, 208; Roger Grundstrom, 188; Tim Sloan, 175 and George Bridger, 110 were named township trustes for New Boston Township over Darrell. G. Miller, 86; Rebecca J. Vann, 51 and Richard Zimmerman, 66.

Township Highway Trustee Ohio Grove Township

Jeffrey A. Simpson defeated Rod Ricketts for township highway commissioner in Ohio Grove Township 58-46.

Township Highway Commissioner Richland Grove Township

Jeff Weber defeated Daniel Marchant for township highway commissioner in Richland Grove township 262-226.

Township Trustee Richland Grove

Larry L. McMeekan, 315; Steven M. Hood, 282; Dale T. Mott, 262 and Michael J. Palmer, 249 were elected trustees in Richland Grove over Brice J. Weber, 242.

Township Clerk Suez Township

Donna Ramsey was elected township clerk over Shiela Pressley 61-56.

Township Trustee Suez Township

Jeffrey, Gregory, 99; Moses Anderson, 91; Matthew Dutton, 90 and Mark Olin, 58, were elcted township trustees in Suez township over Gary L. Simkins, 45.

Township Highway Commissioner Perryton Township

Dave Lloyd defeated Flint Price, 80-57 to become Township Highway Commissioner in Perryton Township.

Township Highway Commissioner Abington Township

Harvey E. DeKeyrel defeated Randy Anderson, 69-59 in the race for Township Highway Commissioner in Abington Township.

Township Trustee Abington Township

Gary A. Unsworth, Douglas L. Chafer, 86; Keith E. Wheeler, 79 and Thomas Nippr, 75 won election as abmington township trustees over Roger Kenney, 54 and Dorothy L. Stevenson, 35.