Bertelsen facing fresh charges of theft

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

On July 31 the Mercer County Sheriff's Office arrested fifty three year old Michael R. Bertelsen of Aledo in April of 2012. The arrest was the result of a felony theft warrant issued out of Mercer County. Bertelsen, the Mercer County Treasurer, was taken to the Mercer County Jail where he is being held on 75,000 bond.

This charge is in addition to charges filed in 2012 against Bertelsen.

In 2012 Bertelsen was charged with Class 3 felony theft for allegedly taking $800 from the Republican Central Committee of Mercer County. Bertelsen took a 30 day leave of absence at that time prior to returning to office.

Special Prosecutor Michael Vujovich was appointed a special prosecutor in the case August 27 because of Bertelsen's status as county treasurer.

On Jan. 3 a change of venue motion was filed by the defense.

Bertelsen has been the Mercer County Treasurer since 1994. In 2008 he unsuccessfully challenged Mike Jacobs for his seat in the Illinois House of Representatives.