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Aledo Times Record

Chicago – Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon today kicked off her campaign for Illinois Comptroller this morning in Chicago, stressing that the office needs to be an aggressive fiscal watchdog, holding all levels of Illinois government accountable.

“Illinois has more local government units than any state in the country,” said Simon. “It’s the job of the Comptroller, as the state’s fiscal watchdog, to make sure those governments are serving the public.”

Simon noted in her speech that there are far too many examples of corruption, including recently in Washington Park, where the lawyer hired to clean up their financial mess asked, “Where has the comptroller been all these years?”

“It’s time for a Comptroller who provides not just accounting, but accountability,” Simon continued. “Voters need someone they can trust. That’s why I’ve held myself to a higher standard. I don’t accept contributions from state contractors, state employees or their spouses, and I don’t take contributions from my own staff.”

Simon vowed that her first order of business would be to implement the same policies in the comptroller’s office.

“I have led by example, providing not just tax returns, but detailed personal income and asset disclosure – every year. If there is a more transparent public servant in Illinois, that person has yet to cross my path.”

Sheila Simon is the current Lieutenant Governor. After graduating from Georgetown University’s law school, Sheila worked to helped clients with limited financial resources at Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance. After serving as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Jackson County, Simon helped launch the Southern Illinois School of Law’s domestic violence unit. She has also served as a Carbondale City Council member and on the Illinois Reform Commission, which helped pass the first campaign contribution limits in Illinois. She currently resides in Carbondale with her husband, Perry, and daughters Reilly and Brennan.