Blog - Encourage Daily

Pastors Bob and Betty Moede

There is a need in all of us to be encouraged. We cannot afford to hold back that which would bring forth confidence and momentum in others who are pursuing God, His will, His desires. When people have a need to share, many times it comes from a need to be encouraged - they need more courage. We have the ability to feed courage and faith into the hearts of others. Scripture commands us to encourage one another daily. Many times people don't encourage others because they don't want them to fall into pride. But in reality they don't encourage others because they don't want them to fall into pride. But in reality they don't encourage others because of jealousy in their own heart, or some false idea of wisdom. The faith of one person to another is very healing to the soul. Many people have been raised deprived of encouragement from others from early childhood on so, they look for it. It's true that our encouragement must always be from God. But Jesus also said, "When you do it to the least of these, my brethren, you have done it to me." so you can minister to Jesus by ministering life and encouragement to others. It's not our job to make sure people don't fall into pride-that's not our job description. that is the job description of the Pharisee. Maybe if we sow in encouragement we might reap it for ourselves.

Reasons to Encourage:

1. God is the God of all comfort who is the author of the Spirit of Encouragement that is to flow into our lives.

2. We are commanded to encourage one another daily.

3. When we encourage we are helping to ignite the faith in others and in turn we reap back the same encouragement, so there is mutual edification.

4. When we set our hearts to encourage others in the Lord we are walking in love.

5. Someone is always looking for someone else to believe in them, to believe that they can be all that God has called them to be. You can be the heart and mouth of Jesus to someone.

6. Being an encourager guards you from being a faultfinder and perfectionist. The error of being a perfectionist is that you are easily discouraged when things are not perfect. This will happen very often in an imperfect world. The only perfection we should desire is the Spirit of Grace manifesting His perfect life to us, through us and to others. It's hard to encourage others when you think they are a hopeless case.

7. The Spirit of Prophecy has all to do with encouragement. An important evidence of a true Spirit of Prophecy working in your life is there is going to be a continual pattern of encouraging others in their own faith.

8. Be a helper, just as the holy Spirit is our Helper. He helps through us. The Greek word for encouragement has it's roots in what Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as our helper. John 14:16-17, 25-27; John 16:7; Hebrews 3:13-14 and Hebrews 10:25.