Cook County prisoners return to Mercer County Jail

Robert Blackford/Editor

Cook County prisoners returned to Mercer County Jail Wednesday, Feb. 19.

They were suppose to bring 10 but they brought nine," said Mercer County Sheriff Bill Glancey. "They pulled one out at the last moment. It's not very many but it's a good sign," said Glancey. "I hate to wish bad luck on the people of Cook County…," joked Glancey.

On Jan. 17 Cook County came and recovered the inmates they had stored at the Mercer County Jail speculating some on the Mercer County Board to speculate they were ending their agreement with the Mercer County Jail to hold their overflow of prisoners. The board is counting on the revenue that comes with the storing of the prisoners to meet its budget.

"It's a positive sign. It shows us they are still going to be using us," said Glancey about the transfer. The nine new Cook County inmates brings the total of foreign inmates to 35 according to Glancey and 41 total. The jail needs to hold an average of 71 foreign inmates to meet its budget demands.

Glancey said the board was informed on Friday, Feb. 14 that Cook County wanted to transfer prisoners down here. "Typically they rotate them out in a two week time frame," said Glancey.