Howard and Staley will fight for sheriff's post

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Republican George Howard and Democrat David Staley came out on top of the respective party's race for the position of County Sheriff Tuesday night in the General Primary Election .Howard beat Chris DeFrieze 785 votes to 566 while Staley (556) bested Jeff Dale (430) and Caryn Brokaw (423).

Voter turnout was very light at 24.73 percent. A total of 2,952 votes were cast out of the 11,935 registered voters. 

In other county-wide contested races:

Bev Lower defeated Shawna Pearson 960-395 in the democratic race for county treasurer.

In the Republican race for Precinct committeeman in Mercer 6 Bob Vickrey defeated Jason Lee Soseman 54-26.

In the Republican race for the county board seat in District 1 Karen Jones beat Jason Lee Soseman 178-103.

In the Republican Precinct Committeemen race in Mercer 5 Robert Jay Doherty defeated Patti Hanson 49-34.

 In the Rockridge CUSD 300 question 42 voters voted no while eight voted yes.


Democrats cast 663 votes for the Quinn/Vallas ticket for governor and lieutenant governor compared to the Hardiman/Douglas ticket (544).

In the Democratic St. Cntrl. Committeewoman race for the 17th District Dorothy Turner beat Christine Eik Winck 642-391.

In the Republican race for U.S. Senator James "Jim" Oberweis defeated Douglas Lee Truax 846-437.

In the Republican race for governor and lieutenant governor Rauner/Sangiunetti earned the most votes 649 followed by Brady/Rodriguez, 336; Dillard/Tracy, 329 and Rutherford/Kim, 149.

In the Republican race for senator Tom Cross received more votes than Bob Grogan 614-597.