Judge refuses to hear case

Robert Blackford/Editor

Judge Frank Fuhr refused to hear a case involving William White, Jr. Monday, April 7 in Mercer County Circuit Court. White was in court Monday in an attempt to have a change of venue for scheduled for his charge of driving while his license was revoked.

Fuhr said there was a conflict because he represented Fuhr on a prior charge.

Judge Fuhr commented that he had no idea White was going to be here in court today.

Fuhr referred White's attorney, Nate Nieman, to call the court administrator's office to set up a time where White's "change of venue" plea could be heard.

Fuhr is not the first judge to recuse himself from hearing a case involving White.

White has also been charged with threatening a public official and will have that case appear in court at a later date. Whilote allegedly threatened Public Defender Dan Dalton on three separate occasions.

White remains a "person of interest" in the case of the murder of his estranged wife Melissa White of Viola.