Service dog denied entry in Sherrard Public School

Cala Smoldt/Staff Reporter

A Ribbonsforkellsey event will be held tonight (Wednesday, May 21) at 6 p.m. outside the Sherrard Board of Education School Board meeting. The building is located at 507 3rd Street, Sherrard. The organization will be handing out purple ribbons, and anyone who is willing to come show their support is encouraged to attend wearing purple.

Ribbonsforkellsey supporter Joleen Easley posted the event to Facebook and said they are trying to, "rally as many as they can, not to protest or be disruptive, but to stand outside the building in purple to show support of the McGuire family and the Americans with Disabilities Act."

According to Easley, the McGuire family was repeatedly told their daughter Kellsey could no longer bring Jasper, her service dog, to her Sherrard grade school. Kellsey is an 8 year old second grader diagnosed with epilepsy as an infant. After several months of training, her service dog Jasper is able to detect a seizure and alert her guardians before it happens ensuring Kellsey's safety.

Jasper has been attending school with her since last September 2013. In a previous interview Mrs. McGuire described her daughter since having Jasper with her in school as exhibiting a more confident behavior, asking questions and being more involved in her studies.

The Mission of Ribbonsforkellsey is to provide families with resources to aid them in the 'marathon' of Epilepsy. To learn more about Kellsey's journey, epilepsy, and how you can get involved, visit their website at

Details to come - For more on this story pick up a newspaper next Wednesday, May 28.