Kimel Recycling Project at Mercer County Fair

Submitted by Gwen Fowler, Kimel reporter

The United States goes through 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour and only 1 out of 4 is recycled. Americans throw 1,500 aluminum cans in the trash every second. At the 2014 Mercer County Fair we, as a community, will have a chance to diminish this number. The Kimel 4-H club will be sponsoring recycling barrels with support from the Mercer County Fair Board and Farm Credit Service.  The barrels are located at the Merchants Building, Floral Hall, and in between the Livestock Barns. Club members will be emptying the cans daily and delivering the recyclables to the recycling center. Before you drop your empty water bottle or pop can in the trash, look for a blue recycling barrel to decrease the recyclables in the landfill.