Aledo - Residential burglar sentenced to prison

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Aledo Times Record

Multiple residential burglar sentenced to 12 years department of corrections

Judge Thomas Berglund sentenced Brandt C. McCormick, 27, of rural Aledo, to 12 years in prison plus 2 years mandatory supervised release for a series of rural Mercer County residential burglaries in Mercer County Court July 16.

Charges were filed March 24 with two counts of felony burglary and two counts misdemeanor theft, causing the State to file a petition to revoke on his previously convicted burglaries from 2012 and 2013. For these previous convictions he received reduced sentencing and probation. To violate probation within the period of time set with more convictions allows the court to bring back full sentencing against original charges.

McCormick is eligible for 'day for day credit', meaning he will likely service up to 6 years. So far, he has served 435 days in both Mercer County and Rock Island County Jails and will receive credit for the time served. He is ordered to pay a total of $630 restitution to the 3 residences he is convicted of burglarizing and he must also have no contact with the victims.

State's Attorney Greg McHugh commented, "While we asked for 15 years this sentence should help protect homeowners for a long time plus enable this man to finally kick his drug addiction. Residential burglaries are inherently dangerous as it puts both the homeowners and thief in a possible life and death situation. No homeowner should have to go through this."