Mid-Summer's Table

Cala Smoldt/Staff Reporter

The City of Aledo blocked off streets for the Mid-Summer's Table event where 72 meals were served on the road in front of businesses. Earnings will benefit Aledo Main Street and the Rhubarb Committee for the Rhubarb Fest. The evening began with a social hour at LaBelle Vie, where drinks were served. This fundraiser took the place of the 'Progressive Dinner' they had a few years ago.

The dinner itself was prepared by Murphy's and Liberty Station. The menu was pork loins, meatballs, and a red potato veggie medley. The Rhubarb Fest Committee made and served the pies and other desserts. The Aledo Firemen made homemade vanilla ice cream. However, there was a twist. It wasn't only the rhubarb pie that was made with rhubarb - everything was. Everything served had a hint of rhubarb, from the lemonade and iced tea to the barbeque rhubarb sauce that was used in the meatballs, even the pork tenderloins had a glaze made using rhubarb. "Everything was a taste of rhubarb with every bite," explained Executive Assistant of Aledo Main Street Deb Magedanz.

The night ended with an auction. Attendants signed the back of their tickets and put them into a drawing box, and later several jars of rhubarb jam and jelly were given away. This was a way to help the Rhubarb Committee get their new products out. The QC Symphony also donated tickets that were auctioned off.

Jason Kellett, Landmark Landscaping did the flower decorations for the tables. Volunteers plated and served the food. Some of the servers were local youth. 12 year old Trenton Madedanz, debuted his photography skills by volunteering to take pictures of the event. There were several 'behind-the-scenes' people involved in Mid-Summer's Table. Magedanz said, "people raved about how wonderful the evening was." It was a beautiful day for the event.