Watermark Women schedule forums/debates

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Watermark Women of Mercer County will be hosting a series of three forums/debates. All seven county-wide candidates will be invited to these debates, along with the county board candidates pertinent to the location of the debate. County board candidates will not debate, but will have 3-5 minutes to make a statement.

The public is invited and asked to submit written questions to the moderators.

The order of response will be determined by a coin toss.

The debate locations are:

September 9 at the Methodist Church in Preemption (Sheriff, Clerk, Treasurer, Districts 2 & 3 — Anseeuw, Sedwick, Sindelar, and Stone)

September 30 at the Community Center in New Boston (Sheriff, Clerk, Treasurer, Districts 4 — Vann and Schroeder)

October 13 at the Mercer County High School in Aledo (Sheriff, Clerk, Treasurer, Districts 1 & 5 — Jones, Anderson, Bieri, and Haines)

The proposed schedule for each debate is as follows:

6-6:30 Public submits questions for debate

6:30-6:45 Moderators examine questions

6:45-7:00 Opening remarks

7:00-7:20 County board candidates speak (no debate; each will have 3-5 minutes)

7:20-7:40 County Clerk debate

7:40-8:10 Treasurer debate

8:10-9:00 Sheriff debate