Fire trucks at Aledo Dollar General

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
Firefighters thoroughly investigate the roof of Dollar General in Aledo for evidence of fire.

Fire trucks were dispatched to Dollar General the morning of Sept. 4 when they were called regarding, "A light haze of smoke," according to Aledo Fire Chief Dennis Litwiler. Firefighters conducted a thorough investigation including inspection of the roof. Aledo experienced a lengthy lightning storm the previous night. Litwiler said, "(we) didn't find anything, except a hot motor on one of their heating and cooling units." He explained that a light haze of smoke happens when a blower motor goes out, it gets hot while the motor still runs and blows in the air all throughout the building. Litwiler summed up that it's a "scary look when you first look at it, doesn't do any damage or anything....Glad that's all it was."