Leonhart guilty of sexual assault

Cala Smoldt/Staff Reporter

This morning in Mercer County Circuit Court, 47 year old Harry Leonhart plead guilty to Count 1 predatory criminal sexual assault of a child. As a Class X felony, he will be required to serve 85% of the 6 year doc sentence he received during plea bargains. Per the agreement Counts 2 and 3 were dropped. He will receive 3 years - life mandatory supervised release, and is required to register as a sex offender. He is ordered to have no contact with the victims. Judge Bell asked for factual basis of the charge, and Asst. State's Attorney Meeghan Lee explained that Mr. Leonhart had two minor children in his care, and according to Count 1, he violated the 5 year old for the intent of his own sexual pleasure.

At the end of the proceedings he asked Judge Bell if he could have contact with his sister, who he described as the victim's mother. It was agreed that only if she initiates that contact, however, he is ordered to have no contact with the minor victims.