Teamsters Local 371 Endorse Anderson

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

ROCK ISLAND- State Senate Candidate Neil Anderson (Rock Island) is honored to announce that the Teamsters Local 371 has endorsed his candidacy for the 36th District.

“I want to thank Howard Spoon and the members of the Teamsters Local 371 for their support in this race,” said Anderson. “As a union firefighter I understand, on a very personal level, the issues that are important to union members.”

Teamsters Local 371 President Howard Spoon says executive board voted unanimously to endorse Anderson in the race for the 36th District. In past elections the union had endorsed incumbent Mike Jacobs, but cited concerns over his recent voting record as part of their motivation to move in a new direction in this election cycle.

“Over the course of our conversations with Neil it became clear that he is the candidate that best represents the values that we stand for,” said Spoon. “Mike Jacobs turned his back on labor when he voted for a bill that strips collective bargaining rights and diminishes benefits for union members. Any attack on organized labor is an attack on all organized labor. Mike Jacobs no longer stands with us and as a result we can no longer stand with him.”

In December of 2013 Jacobs voted for Senate Bill 1, a measure that strips collective bargaining rights for union members and diminishes their benefits. Jacobs not only voted for the bill, but also spoke in support of the measure on the Senate floor, urging his colleagues to join him. He called opposition to the bill “comical” and told his colleagues it was, “Time to get off the fence.”

Spoon also raised concerns over the more than a quarter of a million dollars in campaign contributions Jacobs has accepted since January of 2012 from union busters like Walmart.

“I’m a husband, father, and proud union firefighter,” said Anderson. “I’m running for the State Senate because I believe we can create a better future for my family and for yours. The 36th district needs new a direction and new leadership in Springfield.”