Republicans take board, Democrats win county offices

Robert Blackford/Editor

The Mercer County election was split on Tuesday night with the Democrats winning county offices of sheriff, county clerk and treasurer while the Republicans swept the contested county board seats. Three incumbent democratic board members - Larry Stone, Tom Haines and Daniel Schroeder were all unseated by Republican opponents while incumbent Brian Anseeuw and newcomer Karen Jones were also elected.

The county board will swing from a 6-4 advantage by the Democrats to a 7-3 advantage by the Republicans.

The new county board will consist of Jeff McWhorter (DEM) and Karen Jones (REP) in District 1; Gary Gregg (DEM) and Brian Anseeuw (REP) in District 2; Ted Pappas (REP and Lori Sindelar (REP) in District 3; Fred Rooth (REP) and Joe Vann III (REP) in District 4 and Donald Bell (DEM) and Mark Bieri (REP) in District 5.

In the county clerk race incumbent Phyllis Bewley (DEM) defeated Chuck Gysi (REP) 3,740 to 2,819.

In the race for treasurer Bev Lower (DEM) defeated Sandy Bull (REP) 3,694 to 2,871.

In the three way race to elect a new county sheriff David W. Staley (DEM), 2999 defeated George Howard (REP), 2,177 and Leo Henderson (IND), 1,396.

County Board

Karen R. Jones (REP) defeated Randy L. Anderson (DEM) in Mercer 1, 747 to 430.

Incumbent Brian Jay Anseeuw (REP) defeated Dan Sedwick (DEM) 669 to 548 in Mercer 2.

Lori Sindelar (REP) defeated incumbent Larry Stone (DEM) 767 to 679 in Mercer 3.

Joe W. Vann III (REP) defeated incumbent Dan Schroeder (DEM) 623 to 569 in Mercer 4.

Mark W. Bieri (DEM) defeated incumbent Tom Haines (DEM) 885 to 602

In Mercer County incumbent Jodi L. Scott (REP) defeated Bonnie L. Harris (DEM) 2,578 to 1,215 in the race for the Regionals Superintendent of Schools for Henderson, Knox, Mercer and Warren counties.