3 juveniles sentenced to prison for burglary

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Nov. 6, Judge John Bell sentenced 3 juveniles (names confidential) to terms of prison in the IL Dept. of Juvenile Corrections. Under juvenile law they can be imprisoned for up to 7 years for a burglary or to age 21. All three juveniles were already on juvenile probation for burglary when the new burglary was committed.

Aledo Police Chief Mike Sponsler testified at all three sentencing hearings about the traumatic effect on the victims and the overall problem for all residents of Aledo who now have to lock cars and residences.

Warned State's Attorney McHugh, "People may not realize that going to a vehicle to steal is a burglary just like going into a building to steal. For one to risk 3-7 years in prison and wrecking their own future is incredibly stupid. While we always try probation first on offenders we will seek prison for those who repeatedly break the law."