Motion hearing set in Bertelsen case

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

A motion hearing was set for Nov. 14 at 2:30 p.m. for Michael Bertelsen, former Mercer County Treasurer. Attorney Jack Schwartz filed a motion to withdraw guilty plea and vacate judgment Oct. 30, 10 days after Bertelsen was sentenced to 4 years DOC for admitting guilt to Class 2 Felony Theft and Official Misconduct.

Prosecuting for the State is Michael Vujovich from the State's Attorney Office. Commenting on the matter he exaplained, "...he's wanting to withdraw his guilty plea, but when you look at his motion it's pretty much arguing for reduced sentence. He's wanting to sit there and have the court reconsider the sentence and grant him probation. In order to do that he has to file a motion to withdraw his guilty plea in order to question the severity or length of the sentence."

At the original sentencing hearing Defense Attorney Jack Schwartz asked Honorable Judge Fuhr for 30 days before Bertelsen would be transported to DOC. Judge Fuhr denied his request and gave him 10 days. The day of he was to report, the new motion was filed.