9-11 Memorial statues are here

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The life-size statues that will comprise a 9-11 Memorial have arrived in Aledo.

Nick Seefeld, who has spearheaded the project for the Aledo Police Benevolent Association, said he and Dan Magedanz drove up to Kellogg, Minnesota and got the statues Saturday, Nov. 1.

The life-size statues include a fireman, police officer, paramedic and soldier. All stand 72 inches tall. there are also two, four-foot tall eagles. The fireman weighs 2,500 pounds and the other three weigh 1,700 pounds. The statues are fiber concrete with a two tone bronze finish. "Hopefully they will last forever," said Seefeld.

The pieces were on display at the VFW during Veterans Day services there last week. Seefeld hopes to find a permanent home for the statues across the street near the cannon.

"They are paid for," joked Seefeld. "I'm hanging on to the receipt."

The new Rough Rider statue on the courthouse lawn hasn't been paid for yet as the company who built it and the man who ordered it are at odds with one another.

Seefeld said it took about six weeks to raise the $12,000 to pay for the memorial.

Seefeld said he hopes to put the memorial on city property just south of the VFW on the east side of the cannon. Seefeld said he has spoken to individual members of the council but still needs to get the full support of the council to install the memorial.

While the statues are paid for, the project is far from complete with the installation yet to go. Seefeld is still seeking donations for this part of the project. Contact him for more information.