Veterans Day festivities move indoors for heartfelt tribute

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
Pastor Daren Dietmeier speaks at the Veterans Day Service at the VFW.

Veterans Day services in Aledo moved indoors Tuesday due to the bad weather. A crowd of about 100 made their way inside for the ceremony.

Pastor Darren Dietmeier gave the keynote address. Dietmeier, a retired master sergeant who spent 20 years in the service of his country spoke about the reasons why you can love your country.

Dietmeier spoke about the thousands of troops who have served around the world including the 1,500 who were just sent to Iraq to fight the evil forces of ISIS.

Dietmeier talked about being just 17 years old when he flew from Chicago to Texas as a new recruit about to start basic training. "Some of my best years were while I was in the service. Some of the finest people I met have worn the uniform.

Dietmeier talked about why the country was worth fighting for and gave three reasons.

The first reason is because of the great beauty of the country. He spoke about the Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, forests of Redwood trees, the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

The second reason Dietmeier gave was because of the freedom we have in this country, the freedom to experience life and to pursue happiness. Dietmeier spoke about the millions of service members who have fought for the precious freedoms we enjoy such as freedom of assembly and freedom of religion. "We are forever reminded that freedom isn't free."

The third reason Dietmeier gave was the country's foundation in the word of almighty God. Dietmeier read from Psalm 91, also known as "The Warriors Psalm." He noted that it is often read prior to combat.

Dietmeier spoke of the constitution and the fact that 51 of the 55 delegates were known to be active church members. Three others were Deists. "Ninety-seven percent were Christian believers," said Dietmeier.

Dietmeier spoke about Alexis de Tocqueville's famous quote: “When America ceases to be good, she'll cease to be great!” He also asked those present to turn to God in faith.

VFW Post 1571 Commander Dave Salmon gave the opening address, "We can never repay the soldier for what they have given."

Salmon pointed out that more people were answering the call today from their country. He talked about the soldiers "triumph over evil."

"My thoughts are with those who are overseas today,” said Salmon.

George Baxa prayed with the audience remembering those who had gone before.