One Family One Purpose

Danny Warren/Contributor
Photo submitted by Margaret Puckett

On Dec. 1, a 6 person team from Community Bible Fellowship had the privilege of teaming up with One Family One Purpose to help build a house for a family in Beaver Crossing, Nebraska. 

Dave Hucke, Andrew Hudson, Edgar Pauley, Rick Puckett, Danny Warren, and Valeri Warren spent 2 full days helping build a house for the Timmerman Family, who lost their home to an EF-3 tornado last Mother’s Day. They were able to help put up trusses, build a deck, put up siding, and start the electrical wiring.  

Andrew Hudson said, “It was amazing! When we arrived there on the first day, the only thing up were the walls. When we left the next evening, the whole outside of the house was done, and some of the inside was started.” 

Valeri Warren said, “This experience was such a blessing. I can’t wait to help next year.” 

One Family One Purpose is a Christ-centered organization committed to connecting willing hearts with individuals in need. Their disaster relief projects give willing individuals an opportunity to give in a tangible way. Their homes are fully funded and constructed by a passionate group of committed servants – all in the name of Jesus Christ. They find a family in need, and in about a week, have a house fully built for that family. 

One Family One Purpose homes have been built for survivors of natural disasters in 5 different states; Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Illinois. They recently partnered with other organizations to build a home for a family in Oquawka. 

Community Bible Fellowship looks forward to serving with One Family One Purpose on a regular basis. You can find more information on One Family One Purpose at