Bond reduced for woman charged with taking toys from donation bin at Aledo Walmart

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Lacinda Cashmire Grenada, one of the three charged with stealing from the toy bin previously sitting outside the first sliding doors of the Aledo Walmart, appeared in court Monday, Dec. 29. Her attorney, Daniel Dalton, made a motion to reduce bond. Originally set at $75,000, 10 percent, her bond had been increased to $100,000. State's Attorney Greg McHugh did not object to the reduction.

Judge Greg Chickris agreed to the motion and lowered her bond to $7,500, 10 percent to apply.

Judge Chickris said, "I don't know why I'd let you out." He said he was looking at 2 1/2 pages of her criminal history. She replied, "I have changed your Honor."

Grenada told the judge she is currently pregnant - in a difficult situation living in a jail cell. She has two children at home (7 and 8 year old). She has been in custody since her arrest. She told the judge her, "Nana" and father has taken care of her children. Although she has a job, she admitted to having a difficult time paying rent.

As stipulated by States Attorney McHugh, the terms of her release require no contact with co-defendants, no going to any Walmart, anywhere (due to her history of shoplifting), and random drug testing.

Judge Chickris advised Ms. Grenado to "Use common sense." She is to be on her best behavior, otherwise the court will issue a petition to revoke bond and bring her back to jail. She will be back in court on Jan. 12 at 11:50 a.m.