Degelman prelim set same day as Bonynge

Cala Smoldt/Staff Reporter

Former Aledo Police Officer Seth Degelman appeared this morning, Jan. 15, in Mercer County court. Originally scheduled for Jan. 14, it was continued to accomodate new judge due to conflict of interest with presiding Judge Kutsunis and his attorney Dave Morrison.

He plead not guilty to indecent solicitation of a minor/aggravated criminal sexual abuse. A preliminary hearing was set for March 3, the same day as Former APD Steven Bonynge. Special Prosecution for the State Michael J. Vujovich will be standing in for State's Attorney Greg McHugh.

For the purpose of scheduling McHugh stood in his place. He Asked Judge Richard A. Zimmer if he would set a single judge to preside over the entire case, as Judge Kutsunis from the previous day said the decision would be Zimmer's. Judge Zimmer replied that there would not be a specific judge assigned, "With the understanding that I am the judge that's assigned to be here full time." Presuming that he continue to hear the matter.

State's Attorney McHugh later said nothing regarding Degelman's case will be sealed, as opposed to the sealed file in Bonynge's case.