Muscatine Community College Foundation announces $300,000 scholarships

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Muscatine Community College (MCC) Foundation has announced that a record $300,000 in scholarships is available for students planning to attend the college in the 2015-16 academic year.

The amount was approved by the MCC Foundation’s Board of Directors at a recent meeting. The MCC Foundation raises funds each year to go toward student scholarships as well as support of faculty and learning activities at the college. The $300,000 figure tops the $275,000 awarded to students during this current academic year.

All students are encouraged to apply for scholarships. One of the common misconceptions regarding scholarships is that only the very best of current high school graduates receive scholarship dollars. The reality is far from that.

The MCC Foundation awards scholarships to deserving Muscatine Community College (one of the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges) students based on widely varied criteria.

Some scholarships do emphasize academic achievement, but many others look more strongly at such things as financial need or community and school involvement. Others are dependent on the program in which the student is planning to enroll.

It is also important to note that applicants do not have to be the traditional college age of 18 - 21 or even a full-time student. A large number of older MCC students receive scholarships every year and many part-time students receive funding as well.

There is no cost to apply but students are encouraged to begin the process early in case any questions arise as they are completing the form. The application deadline is March 1.

Students can submit their applications online at By filing just one application, students become eligible for all the scholarships offered by the MCC Foundation.

Students also need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). As the name states, the application is free of charge. It is available at

More information is available at or by contacting the college at 563-288-6005.