Meth lab arrests continue in Aledo

Cala Smoldt/Correspondent
Aledo Police arrested Randall Ray whose Aledo apartment was being used to make meth along with several other individuals.

Aledo Police Chief J. Michael Sponsler asked Mercer County Circuit Judge Richard Zimmer to issue two more arrest warrants in conjunction with charges filed against four in a meth lab drug bust. A total of six people are being charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. Aside from the warrants issued, Sponsler said, "I don't anticipate any more arrests to be made, (but) it's an ongoing investigation."  

Police were called to an apartment complex at 802 SW 4th Avenue, Aledo, on Feb. 10 when the landlord stopped by to collect rent and discovered meth being made in the kitchen followed by a 'noxious' smell, as described by Assistant State's Attorney Meeghan Lee in court Tuesday, Feb. 17.

Michael Davis, 21 of New Boston,  and Randall Ray, Aledo (tenant at the apartment complex where meth was found) is charged with Count 1, participation in methamphetamine manufacturing less than 15 grams, a Class X felony; Count 2, participation in methamphetamine manufacturing, a Class 1 felony; and Count 3 methamphetamine manufacturing waste, a Class 2 felony, in that the defendants allegedly disposed of methamphetamine waste in the apartment where they were actively making the drug. Davis is being held in Mercer County Jail on $125,000 bond,  10%. The first count in each charge contains language causing it to go to a more serious Class X felony because the offense took place in a multi unit dwelling where a child under the age of 18 resided. If convicted of a Class X felony, Davis and Ray could face 6-30 years in prison followed by 3 years mandatory supervised release. Bond is set at $75,000, 10% for Ray. Attorney Andrew Larson was appointed as Public Defender for Ray.

Crystal Lantau, 20 of Aledo was charged in Mercer County Court Friday, Feb. 13 with manufacturing less than 15 grams of meth, a Class 1 felony. She is being held in Mercer County Jail on $75,000 bond, 10%. Class 1 felony carries 4-15 years prison followed by 2 years mandatory supervised release or up to 4 years felony probation.

Gage DeShane, 19 of Aledo was charged in Mercer County Circuit Court Tuesday, Feb. 17 on Count 1, participation in methamphetamine manufacturing, a Class 1 felony and Count 2 unlawful possession of methamphetamine precursors, a Class 2 felony. It is alleged that he was in possession of less than 15 grams of methamphetamine precursor, pseudoephedrine, with the intent that it be used to manufacture a substance containing methamphetamine. Asst. State's Attorney Meeghan Lee said  it was found that DeShane has been purchasing pseudoephedrine on a regular basis. She also noted that due to DeShane's prior history he is eligible for extended prison terms. If convicted he could face up to 14 years prison. Bond is set at $75,000, 10%. Clark Miljush, was appointed public defender for DeShane.

A preliminary hearing is set for March 2 for both Davis and Lantau. Ray and DeShane are due back in court March 3. All are currently being held in Mercer County Jail.