Fair Board approves art auction

Robert Blackford/Editor
4-H Federation member Emma Vanvooren speaks to the Mercer County Fair Board about establishing an art auction at this year's 4-H BBQ June 12.

Artwork and fairgrounds may not seem to go together but the Mercer County Fair Board approved an art auction at the upcoming Mercer County 4-H BBQ June 12 at the Mercer County Fairgrounds.

Emma Vanvooren, 4-H Federation member, approached the board at its March 24 meeting and asked the board to create an art auction for the BBQ. Vanvooren, an artist herself, told the board that an art auction would encourage artists in the area to participate and earn a little money.

Vanvooren proposed that 90 percent of the proceeds of the auction would go to the artist with the other 10 percent going to the fair board. She intends to use this experience as a trial and if it works it would be something that was possible for next year's fair. "It would be almost like an open show," said Vanvooren.

Vanvooren said she conducted a survey last year and found 63 people who were interested in participating in an auction.

Fair Board member Evan Seefeld said, "I don't see a problem with it. I think the 10 percent should go to the federation not to us."

The Merchant's Building will be the site of the auction.

Vanvooren said the federation will draft a committee to help with setting up the auction.