House passes Moffitt bill to expand eligibility for veterans to take fire service examination

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Springfield… A bill sponsored by State Representative Don Moffitt (R-Gilson) which would allow honorably discharged veterans to take the Illinois fire service exam until the age of 40, up from 35, passed the Illinois House on Tuesday. The bill now goes to the Senate.

“I was glad to see the House pass this bill which honors both our veterans and our aspiring firefighters,” Moffitt said. “If a person who wants to be a firefighter passes the age limit for taking the fire service exam because they are serving in our armed forces, the least we can do is give them some additional time to take the fire exam for their service to our country.”

Current Illinois law states a person cannot take the fire service exam for a municipal fire department after turning 35 unless that person has previously served as a firefighter. Moffitt’s bill allows a person who turned 35 while in the armed forces to take the exam up to the age of 40. All other requirements for entering the fire service would remain the same. The bill is identical to changes passed last year to the law governing fire protection districts. 

“Our veterans will have another opportunity to serve the community if they so choose,” Moffitt said. “In addition, our fire departments will potentially benefit by being able to hire firefighters who are highly trained and have many very useful skill sets.”

The bill is House Bill 3203.