Smith tired of messing with coons, cats

Robert Blackford/Editor

Aledo resident Marvin L. Smith,(506 South College Ave.) appeared before the City of Aledo's Committee of the Whole April 20 to complain about problems he is having with the population of cats and coons in his area.

"I'm seeing five or six coons at a time," said Smith. "Why doesn't our animal control do something about this?"

Smith went on to talk about trapping the raccoons. "Why should I have to get a trap. I pay taxes to do that."

Smith talked about the raccoons coming out of the drains in the evenings and suggested the city put some kind of guards up to keep the animals from being able to squeeze through the drain openings. If the city doesn't want to do anything about it I will but you're not going to like what I'm going to do."

Smith and the council discussed the fact that the animal control department doesn't deal with feral cats.

Aledo Police Chief J. Michael Sponsler talked about the differences in dealing with feral cats and raccoons. "A local wildlife trapper will have to help with the raccoons."

Smith also complained because no one called him to tell him his name was on the agenda to speak that night, he just happened to see his name on the posted agenda and came inside.

The council held a moment of silence in memory of former Aledo Mayor Richard Hunter who recently passed away as Pastor Josh McKinney of the New Life Assembly of God Church.