Rep. Moffitt relieved by restoration of funds recently cut from service providers

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Springfield… State Representative Don Moffitt (R-Gilson) said today that he was relieved the state had received enough of a revenue boost to restore some of the funds cut from a series of programs earlier this month.

“It looks like this is a one-time boost in revenue for the current fiscal year,” Moffitt said. “So while we still face a serious budget crisis next year, it at least eases some of the pain for this year.”

On April 3, $26 million in grants from the Departments of Human Services and Public Health to several service providers were suspended for the remainder of the fiscal year in an effort to bring the current year’s budget into balance. Yesterday, the Governor’s office informed a legislative committee that tax revenue for the end of the current fiscal year was slightly higher than expected, making it possible to restore the funding cuts.

“I appreciate Governor Rauner taking action to restore these grant funds for this year. This action restores funds for such programs as autism services and funeral and burial assistance for the indigent, as well as some other needed services. I am relieved that these services will be able to continue while we work to put together a budget for next year.”

The state’s current fiscal year runs through June 30. The budget which legislators are working on in Springfield this month takes effect on July 1.