Verschoore Sponsors Legislation to Improve “Truth-in-Taxation” Notices

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Legislation sponsored by state Rep. Pat Verschoore, D-Milan, which will increase transparency in government and relieve the tax burden on homeowners recently passed the House.

“Illinois has some of the highest property taxes in the nation, and it continues to be a major issue I hear about from constituents,” Verschoore said. “We must do more to provide relief for homeowners who are drowning in the high cost of property taxes, and making the process more transparent is a step in the right direction.”

Under current law, if a taxing body intends to adopt a levy that is 5% or greater than the previous year, they are required to disclose the information by publication in the newspaper and hold a public hearing. Verschoore was a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 792 requiring taxing districts with a website to post the notice of the hearing on its website in addition to posting the notice in the newspaper.

“With the internet serving as a main source of information for many people, it’s important for state law to keep up with the advances in technology,” Verschoore said. “Requiring these notices to be posted online will increase public awareness and allow for more input from the individuals who are directly affected by these taxes.”

Senate Bill 792 passed through the House and Senate and will now be sent to the Governor.

For more information about this legislation or any other issues, please contact Verschoore’s constituent service office at 309-558-3612.