State Police DUI patrols

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
State Police will be on the lookout for drunk drivers this holiday weekend.

District 7 State Police will be attempting to keep drunk and impaired drivers off the highways the Fourth of July weekend.

“Our goal is to aggressively patrol District 7’s roadways and remove impaired drivers for everyone’s safety,” said District 7 Commander Lt. Jon Dively.

District 7’s DUI Patrol efforts include scheduled directed patrols in areas that historically have high DUI incidents. Troopers will concentrate on impaired drivers, illegal transportation of alcohol, zero tolerance for underage drivers with alcohol in their system and minors possessing or consuming alcohol.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, the average DUI arrests costs about $16,000 in fines, fees, insurance, work loss and legal fees. Within the first six months of 2015, District 7 has experienced a substantial increase of traffic fatalities.

“Many ask, ‘what is the most difficult part of a trooper’s job?’ The answer is simple.  It is when a trooper must go to the door of a crash victim’s family, inform them of their tragic loss, and sharing in their grief knowing that family’s lives are changed forever,” Dively said

Motorists are reminded to designate a sober driver, limit distractions behind the wheel, do not speed and  always wear a seat belt.