Mercer Board sets administrator's compensation package

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Mercer County Board approved a compensation package July 14 for a county administrator. The hiring of an administrator is subject to negotiations with the candidate and budget considerations.

The board gave its approval of a package of salary and benefits not to exceed nearly $94,692. The earliest someone could be hired is Dec. 1.

"This will be effective with the (2015-16) budget," Finance Committee Chairman Ted Pappas, R-Dist. 3, said. "Obviously we want to make sure we can afford this position. It's contingent upon budget approval."

Following the Finance Committee's approval of sending the compensation package to the full board, Pappas said, "We are moving to the negotiating stage."

He said the county has "a lead candidate."

The board tabled a new tobacco policy that would have banned the use of cigarettes, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products from all county buildings and county-owned property. The ban, as presented July 14, would apply to county employees and the public. The prohibition would go so far as to ban everyone from smoking in their vehicles in county parking lots.

Joe Vann, R-Dist. 4, said he is not opposed to the new policy but pointed out problems that needed to be addressed.

"I see two main problems with this policy," Vann said. "It needs to be negotiated (with county employees) because it is a change of employment policy. And, second, it doesn't carry any fine or means of enforcement. So, it's worthless.

"Banning it from all (county-owned property) and applying it to the public is a big change in working conditions," he said.

Pappas agreed.

"I think Joe's point is very good," he said. "Let's get it approved as a change in personnel policy."