Aledo City Council

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Cala Smoldt/Correspondent

The Aledo City Council on Monday (July 20) approved amending zoning regulations requiring off-street parking.

The amendment solves a dilemma face by Aledo business owner Teri Ziegenhorn, owner of Twister’s Tumbling and Cheer Academy. Ziegenhorn is in the process of buying a former church building. City zoning regulations mandating off-street parking were amended because the property, the former Trinity Presbyterian Church building on the city's southwest side, does not provide enough off-street parking to meet the requirements of the zoning regulations in place before the council's action.

The amended ordinance puts into writing what has been practiced in the past, according to City Administrator Robert Mahrt,

“There’s an understanding throughout the community that parking for the downtown is either on street, or in municipal parking lots,”  Mahrt said.

Zoning regulations requiring off-street parking now provide an exemption for buildings located within the boundaries of downtown as long as they are located within 500 feet of a public parking lot.

“Now the off-street parking exemption applies to our entire downtown that’s bordered on the north by Second, on the east by Third, on the west by Third and the south by Fourth,“ said Mahrt. "You have to make some accommodation for the historic nature of our downtown. This is a very walkable community … it functions just as it did back at the turn of the century.”

In other business, the council moved ahead with preliminary engineering on Phase 1 of the Multi-Purpose Pathway Project by approving an agreement for design with Hutchison Engineering, Inc. for $10,000. In April, 2014, the city learned funding for Phase II was approved through IDOT’s Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP). The first phase of the project will be to extend and improve existing city sidewalks to provide pedestrian linkages to the proposed pathway. The design is expected to be completed this fall.