Volunteers needed for Keithsburg playground project

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Volunteers, lots of them, are needed Saturday and Sunday to put together new playground equipment at Keithsburg Park.

The playground equipment company supervisor will be at the park to direct and help with the construction. Work will begin bright and early at 7 a.m. Saturday and many people will be present all day. However, coordinators of the project are also looking for people who can spare "an hour or two or three any time during the day."

If you can bring your tools, everything from cordless drills, pliers, wrench sets and pry bars to string, shovels, ratchet straps and paper towels is needed.

It's a big project, but those working to accomplish it feel it can be done with the help of the community.

The following tools are essential:

Shovels (For digging holes and moving dirt.)

Post hole tamper (For tamping bottom of postholes)

a) Note: A short 4"x4" or 6"x6" post will work.

Digging iron bar (For digging holes and for post alignment.)

Rakes (For smoothing dirt and safety surfacing.)

Claw hammers (2 or more - with smooth faces.)

Levels - 4' and 2' (For leveling and plumbing various components.)

25' Tape measures (2 or more.)

100' Tape measure (For site layout.)

Cordless drills or variable speed electric drills (2 or more.)

1/2" drive electric impact driver (2 - For installing lag bolts.)

a) Note: Hand ratchets can be used, but are very slow. 12) 1/2" drive socket set (1/2", 9/16", 3/4"

sockets are required.)

a) Note: Two hand ratchets with two 3/4" sockets are necessary for a Driving Wheel installation,

or for a Swing Set installation.

Sabre saw (For cutting slide pipe legs and pipe climbers to length.) a) Note: A hack saw can be

used, but is very slow.

Electric extension cords

Variety of Drill Bits

String (For layout of site and play set.)

Stakes (For layout string.)

Wet erase markers (2 - Their marks clean off easier.)

Marking paint and flags (For layout of post holes and borders.)

Paper towels/rags and all purpose cleaner

Water hoses and spray nozzle (For ready-mix concrete and cleanup)

Ratchet Straps (with stakes for attaching straps to)

Countersink bit (For any needed new screw holes.)

Sledge hammer (For installing Borders.)

3/16" Allen wrench (For Overhead Rung Ladder pipe brackets.)

1 3/8" Self threading paddle bit (For installing Pipe Hand Rails.)

1 1/2" Self threading paddle bit (For installing Arch Climber.)

1/4" drive flexible extension (For installing Activity Panels.)

Plastic 5 gal. Buckets (For carrying water, dirt, or trash.)

Cloth nail aprons

Small square or framing square

Pliers, wrenches, hand screwdrivers, pry bar

Large scoop shovels or pitch forks (For moving safety surfacing.)