Economic Development Advisory Committee's worth debated

Cala Smoldt/Correspondent

The Aledo City Council on Aug. 3 unanimously approved a resolution to re-appoint members to the economic development advisory committee but only after some debate.

Mayor Chris Hagloch recommended reducing the number of members on the economic development advisory committee.

“It is 10 members and we’ve had a hard time meeting. So we thought if we moved it to seven it would be easier,”  Hagloch said.

He explained that a questionnaire was sent to committee members to determine who wanted to continue to serve. Members are: Gerrod Andresen, Jay Doherty, Ron Moffitt, Dana Murphy, Lois Ricketts, Jeff Sedam, and Nathan Wicks.

Alderman Barry Cooper asked if the committee is really necessary.

“Since we’ve had the economic development committee we’ve lost … five businesses in the downtown. It’s not growing anything, so what’s the use of the committee?” Cooper asked.

The mayor responded by asking Cooper if he thought the loss of the businesses could be blamed on the committee.

“It’s obviously not helping,” Cooper said.