Aledo City Council discusses water/sewer rate increase

Cala Smoldt

A water/sewer rate increase may be on the horizon for residents of Aledo.

City Administrator Robert Mahrt presented the proposed rate increase of about 10 percent at the city council meeting Aug. 17.

"We need for both our residents and our industrial water users to have quality water and sewer services.  We believe we need to implement this rate adjustment," Mahrt said.

He said the city needs to maintain a minimum reserve balance in the water/sewer fund of about $300,000 (3 month's worth of expenses.) Mahrt said if the rate adjustment is not implemented by December 2016 the reserve balance would dwindle to $186,000. The proposed increase will achieve $300,000 within three years.

Alderman Michael Chausse proposed phasing in the rate adjustment by 1-2 percent annually.

"I would like to see the 10 percent spread out over years, a little bit every now and then, not one lump sum," Chausse said. "That's what people have told me to find out about."

The council learned four candidates for police chief will be interviewed Aug. 22. Interviewees will get a tour of the community and police station followed by a 45-minute interview. One candidate will be recommended to the board at the Sept. 8 meeting.

"We're hoping to have a candidate chosen and an agreement put together by then," Mayor Chris Hagloch said.