Great weather for Antique Days after last year's rain

John Pulliam
Dick Walsh of Galesburg shines up his 1986 Chevy S-10.

Overcast skies and temperatures in the low 70s Saturday (Aug. 29) morning brought a large crowd to downtown Aledo for Antique Days.

Dick Walsh of Galesburg was polishing his 1986 Chevy S-10. He said it took him about 1 1/2 years to restore the vehicle.

"It was pretty much rusted out," Walsh said. "The only thing that's original to the chassis is the frame."

The S-10 features a 1949 Ford, flathead V-8 engine.

"It's the exact opposite in hot rodding" these days, he said. More typical are Ford's with Chevy engines. The vehicle is also equipped with a '49 Ford dashboard. Much of the interior remains "a work in progress," Walsh said.

There were plenty of memories from the farm as spectators took in the tractor show. Frazier Hunt of Aledo pointed to a five-generation Ford tractor owned by the Doonan family of Reynolds.

"Jamie (Doonan) married my granddaughter," Hunt said. "They (the Doonan family) restored this one, they restored two John Deere's."

He has a connection to another member of the family. A plaque on the front of the tractor listed all the names of each of the five generations.

"Brody, he's a little guy. He's my great-grandson," Hunt said proudly. Elmer, Jim, Denis, Jamie and Brody make up the five generations.

Now retired, Hunt said he loves the car and tractor show. It brought back more than a few memories for him.

"I was in the car business for 49 years. I've enjoyed the people, I enjoyed the job. Mostly I enjoyed the people," he said, laughing. "There used to be six or seven car dealers in this town, 13 gas stations. If you ran out of gas, there was something wrong."